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The bite-size course was helpful. Being as it says on the tin ‘bite-size’, I could easily fit this into my busy working day.

Thanks for the great tips!

Amie Liversidge

Business Development Executive, TrilbyTV

The bite-size course was really informative and extremely well presented. It was a great refresher and motivator to keep me on track.

Would highly recommend it!

Emma Maltby

Partnerships Manager

Mastering LinkedIn: How To Structure and Write Successful Posts

January's Bite-Sized Training CourseNow Only £10

In this 15-minute online course you’ll learn how to structure LinkedIn posts to:

1: Grab your audience’s attention
2: Retain their attention
3: Get more post impressions and engagement
4: Get more customer meetings and sales opportunities

The Technique To Get More Referrals

Decembers's Bite-Sized Training CourseNow Only £10

This 20-minute online course will equip you with some pretty powerful techniques. You’ll learn:

1: How to explain the problem you solve and the dream outcome your prospects and customers desire
2: How to construct messages, emails and conversations to ask for referrals
3: How to implement a tried and trusted method to actually get you more referrals

Mastering LinkedIn: Asking for Meetings With the Right People

November's Bite-Sized Training CourseNow Only £10

In this 20-minute online course we will equip you with some pretty powerful tools. You’ll learn:

1: The secret to spotting the key people in your existing network who you should ask for a meeting.
2: How to harness the power of LinkedIn to compile and save a list of these individuals.
3: The golden hours in the week to send out those all-important meeting requests.

How To Find Your Ideal Prospects & Connect With Them As You Sleep

October's Bite-Sized Training CourseNow Only £10

Discover the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator as I unveil the secrets of finding your ideal customer profile.

But wait, there’s more! Learn my technique to effortlessly connect with people, even while you sleep.

Don’t miss out on this bite-sized 20-minute course. It’s a valuable opportunity to revolutionise your sales activities with schools and MATs.

Meet the Coaches

Tom Parkinson Social Selling Training and Coaching

Tom Parkinson

Failed musician, decent at other things – read more.

Dave Surfleet Social Selling Training and Coaching

Dave Surfleet

Not a bad runner for an old man 😀 “Go fast enough to get there, but slow enough to see.” – read more.

Chris Toyne Social Selling Training and Coaching

Chris Toyne

I say hello to people when I’m walking the dogs 🐕 🐶 – read more.

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