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Attention small business owners!

Get more sales leads and secure more sales meetings. Say goodbye to the high costs from Lead Generation companies. Accelerate your business, all by leveraging the power of LinkedIn and Connect. Keep growing without breaking the bank.

We understand the struggle to find leads.

We’re a small business too.

That’s why we built this tool… to help all small businesses get leads without breaking the bank.

Connect is a highly personalised LinkedIn connection and meeting automation tool that helps us – and will help you – get an average of 80 new connections every week. And 5 extra meetings!

This tool isn’t just about increasing numbers, it’s about quality connections and meaningful conversations.

The idea behind this tool is simple but effective. It helps you gain an average of 80 new connections in their LinkedIn network each week, and even helps secure booked meetings, all without the manual labour of sending individual connection requests. The best part? It works.

The product will be launched in the next few months and we’re offering this introduction deal to just 25 people.

How It Works

To grow your business, customers need to know and trust you. With Connect, you’ll gain an average of 80 new connections weekly, leading to around 20 additional sales meetings scheduled in each team member’s calendar monthly. This visibility ensures your market is familiar with you and your brand.

Your team will witness firsthand your expertise in propelling the business ahead. Plus, you’ll preserve your marketing budget by not relying on lead-generation companies.

Getting started is so easy, just 3 simple steps

Step 1: Integrate LinkedIn with Connect – using 1 simple form.

Step 2: Perform a search to find your leads on LinkedIn.
Step 3: Set Connect going and get 80 new connections and 5 extra sales meetings each week, per person.

The first 25 users pay just £60! For the full year!

Connection Requests

Meeting Requests

Grow Your LinkedIn Network without Manually Sending Out RequestsJust £60 Per Year

We’re excited to share that we’re offering a special discounted rate to just 25 users as part of our latest project: ‘Connect‘ – an automated LinkedIn connection and meeting request tool.


Does it work with the free version of LinkedIn?

Absolutely! It works with the free version of LinkedIn. No fuss, just straightforward functionality. That's the beauty of it!

Does it work with Linked Sales Navigator?

Absolutely! It's a breeze to use it with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, just like it is the free version of LinkedIn. Connect and LinkedIn work together perfectly.

Does it adhere to the LinkedIn rules?

Absolutely, yes! To bring Connect to life, we reached out to LinkedIn directly, seeking their approval to tap into their backend technology (API). In our application, we were crystal clear about how we intended to utilise it.

We've crafted Connect with a strong focus on safeguarding you, your prospects, and LinkedIn itself. This translates to adhering meticulously to LinkedIn's guidelines—especially when it comes to the volume of connection requests and messages you're allowed to send.

We're passionate about educating people on the right way to use LinkedIn, ensuring they steer clear of any spammy practices! Connect has been developed with this very principle at its core.

How much will it cost after the £60 offer?

If you seize this special offer, your price is locked in at £60 per year - forever.

But, if you decide to pass on this offer, you're looking at a cost of £10 per month.

How will I know when the product is ready for me to use?

Once you've jumped on board with this offer, you'll be part of our community - straight away. You'll start receiving weekly emails from us, giving you a peek behind the curtain at our development progress. It's like a backstage pass to see how we're bringing this product to life.

But the thing is, it doesn't stop there. When we're ready to roll out the red carpet and launch, you'll get a personal invitation with some straightforward instructions on how to set up your account.

And just like that, you'll be ready to start expanding your network on LinkedIn!

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