Meet the team

Meet the team.

Proven strategy + modern technology = growth.

We’re a small group of successful EdTech entrepreneurs with experience in RevOps, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, Customer Support and Product Development.

Tom Parkinson

Tom Parkinson

Failed musician, decent at other things.

I play guitar, bass guitar and drums. I’ve been playing in bands since I was 14.

Still doing it now. Still not ‘made it’. Still loving it.

Being in a band is very similar to working with SMBs. Collaborating to generate ideas with other creative thinkers -> turning those ideas into a real-life offering -> releasing them for people to enjoy, listen to or use. Then gather feedback, improve, and go again! It’s great fun, whether it’s music or work.

Away from work and music, there are three values I live by:

  1. be present and fully engaged with my family
  2. make time for friends and hobbies
  3. dedicate a proportion of my week to learning

Generally trying to be a decent person! Not sure that was always the case. My teenage years and very early twenties were a little more Tom-centric. I’ll bypass those years here! Maybe we can have that chat one day 😊.

The 180-degree switch to human-centric came over an 18-month period. First child and running a small business. I remember the day it really hit home! Weirdly nothing to do with being a parent! Ha! Although I love my kids beyond belief… it was the day before payday in my small business. 7 members of staff and knowing I didn’t have the cash to pay wages and – therefore – people wouldn’t be able to pay their mortgages. Yep, that’s the time when I really learnt about having a wider responsibility.

From that point on, leading teams and businesses has – for me – been an unbelievably great honour.

I’ve learnt from many leaders over the years, too many to mention here. They’ve all influenced me – one way or another – to build teams and working cultures that put humans first: teammates, customers, partners, and suppliers.

Dave Surfleet

Dave Surfleet

Not a bad runner for an old man 😀 "Go fast enough to get there, but slow enough to see.” - Jimmy Buffet

As a Dad, finding time for running and fitness training can be a real challenge amidst the whirlwind of family responsibilities. There are all the usual bedtime story, school drop-offs, football/rugby training taxi duties that demand my attention. Yet, I’ve discovered that carving out time for my passion not only benefits my physical health but also enhances my role as a Dad. I lace up my Nike running trainers (more about that later), knowing that those miles despite them maybe being painful or mentally draining will allow me to clear my mind and prepare for the day/weeks ahead.

The pounding of my footsteps on the pavement provides a solitary space where I can reflect, recharge, brainstorm and reconnect with my own sense of identity. I often look at how I can improve my fitness and running through improving process and utilising new cutting edge technology, whether it be a Garmin watch or the latest new bouncy Nike trainers.

My business life is similar, I am passionate about assisting businesses in their growth journey by automating processes and leveraging technology and witnessing the impact of automation and technology on business growth is immensely rewarding, as it allows me to contribute to their success and make a meaningful impact in the ever-evolving tech landscape

Throughout my professional career, I have co-founded an Education SAAS business from Seed to Sale amassing over 10% of the UK market.

Every opportunity in life starts with a conversation so let’s have a chat 😀

Chris Toyne

Chris Toyne

I am the proud owner of the greatest waterproof rucksack in the world 🌍

From a young age I wanted to be a comedian, for one reason or another I developed a knack for making people laugh and even though the big lights might be out of reach for now, that knack made me realise I love people.

I like nothing more than finding a way to connect with people, understanding what makes people tick, why we do what we do and think how we think, and more importantly growing relationships, connections and friendships.

I’m very lucky and proud to be a co-founder of a business that means I get to do the above day in day out and that I’m part of growing something big that encourages and supports others to build and nurture human connections.

Prior to now my career has been varied but no matter what, people were and are always at the heart of everything I do.

I also love five F’s family, food, football, film and fun (not always in that order) and in my spare time you will often find me tucked away in a street food market, quiet restaurant, in a stand at a non-league football ground or occasionally attempting to be the life and soul in a karaoke bar.

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