Why Customer Experience Often Suffers as Companies Scale: The 3 Key Reasons

by | 18 Sep 23

In today’s world, customers expect quick, convenient, and contextual interactions with every company. However, when a company scales and experiences exponential growth, keeping up with customer expectations becomes increasingly challenging.

Here are three reasons why:

1.  More customers to support

When a company is in startup mode, it can handle customer growth by hiring more staff. But as the customer base continues to expand rapidly, simply hiring more employees isn’t a sustainable solution. The company must find new ways to delight customers and maintain a high standard of experience to avoid losing their trust and market share.

2.  More tools to manage


As a company grows, it naturally encounters new challenges. There are endless mar-tech solutions available, so different teams may adopt various tools to address different problems. However, over time, this leads to a bloated tech stack that requires significant time and energy to manage. This leaves little room for focusing on customers and makes it difficult for customer-facing teams to access reliable data for delivering the contextual experience customers expect.

3.  More touchpoints to maintain


When starting, a company may focus on a few impactful channels, such as Facebook and Twitter, and limited ways for customers to reach out. But as the company scales, it adds new marketing channels and expands its customer touchpoints. Managing this multitude of touchpoints becomes challenging, requiring a new strategy to maintain the initial level of customer experience.

Round Up


While these challenges are a natural result of growth, many businesses struggle to overcome them. They continue to hire staff excessively, add more tools without proper integration, or neglect certain touchpoints, leaving customers unimpressed. Operations professionals play a crucial role in solving these challenges, but they are often underutilised and isolated within companies.

Moving from a “function-out” perspective to a “customer-in” approach is essential. Rather than treating operations as an afterthought, companies should recognise the potential of their operations teams and provide them with the right tools and structure to effectively address issues and improve cross-departmental collaboration.

By understanding and addressing these three key reasons for customer experience challenges during scaling, companies can ensure they continue to provide exceptional experiences to their growing customer base.

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