Update Your Brain To Get 10+ Meetings with Schools & MATs

by | 16 Oct 23

Are you having trouble getting those all-important meetings with schools and MATs? You have a choice, make a change or blame someone else.

Instead of pointing fingers at different factors like your business, the education market, your boss, the marketing team, or even your email system, it’s time to shift your mindset.

For this blog, I want you to think of your brain as software. Software that can be updated to help you get the meetings with schools and MATs.

So in the following info, we’ll embark on a 4-week journey together. We’ll upgrade your software, making small improvements every week.

Before you know it, your calendar will be bursting with appointments!

Let’s get started.

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> Introducing The Iterative Process
> Week 1: Upgrade Your Brand
> Week 2: Develop Your Key Features
> Week 3: Install Your Connection Engine
> Week 4: Plug In The Meeting Generator

Introducing The Iterative Process

Maybe you remember when Apple released their operating system called Cheetah back in 2001? Or maybe you don’t? Ha! Either way, let me tell you… it wasn’t exactly a success.

It was clunky, confusing, and far from user-friendly. But here’s the thing: Apple didn’t give up. They didn’t accept their OS as a failure. Instead, they went back to the drawing board, reimagined everything, and trained themselves to think differently.

Through a series of iterative steps, they transformed their lacklustre operating system into something truly incredible. Today, Apple’s OS is considered one of the best in the world. It wasn’t an overnight transformation, but with each upgrade, they got closer to their goal.

Now, imagine if you, as a salesperson, could do the same. What if you could take your current processes and tactics, no matter how ineffective or unproductive they may be, and transform them into a powerhouse set of habits that land you 10+ meetings every week with schools and MATs?

Seems impossible? Well, think again. Just like Apple, you have the power to update your software, learn new habits, and achieve extraordinary results.

In this blog, we’ll embark on this journey together for four weeks. Each week, we’ll work on a different aspect to get you the meetings you need.

Are you ready to make a genuine difference in the way you approach schools and MATs?

Week 1: Upgrade Your Brand

Alright, let’s dive into the exciting process of revamping your “software” to land those much-needed meetings. Think of this as version 1, or v1, of your sales transformation.

Just like any software, you need a front page that grabs attention and gets people excited. You know those login pages with all the bells and whistles, telling you how amazing the software is?

Well, your front page is your personal brand, specifically your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. These are like your login pages, where people stumble upon you and decide whether they want to engage.

So, let’s focus on three important updates for your profile:

  • v1.1 – Be approachable: Nobody wants to meet with someone who looks like they’re constantly trying to sell them something. So, make sure your profile exudes approachability and authenticity. Let your personality shine through!
  • v1.2 – Turn on ‘Creator Mode’: Unlock the power of LinkedIn’s ‘Creator Mode’ feature. This will give you more control over how your profile looks and help you showcase your unique talents and interests. Get creative and let your profile stand out from the crowd!
  • v1.3 – Be entertaining: Don’t be afraid to add some pizzazz to your profile. Make it colourful and intriguing. Pin some of your best posts to your profile page, update your photo (remember to smile!), and craft an attention-grabbing headline. Oh, and don’t forget to share captivating stories about your previous jobs.

These updates will make your profile irresistible to prospects and customers alike.

Week 2: Develop Your Key Features

Let me share a little secret from the world of product development. Now, if you’re already familiar with this, bear with me because many EdTech and Education service businesses surprisingly aren’t:

⚠️ Don’t focus on what features need to be built. Instead, focus on the problems that your customers are expecting you to solve.

If you approach your product team with problems, rather than feature requests, you’ll find that your relationship with them improves significantly. Alright, enough with the side note.

But here’s why that side note matters: You need to do the same. The ‘Key Features’ you’re going to ‘install’ are essentially the problems that you can help your prospects and customers solve. You need to have a clear understanding of the issues your customers face and how your product or service can provide solutions.

You might be wondering, “Why is this so important?” Well, it’s crucial because once you’ve identified these problems, you’ll use that list to ensure your LinkedIn and Twitter posts relate to these issues.

Don’t just boast about how fantastic your service is. No, no! Highlight the problems that your product solves.

So, what we have now is v2.1 – A profile that’s not just interesting and approachable, but also features posts that address real problems you can help solve.
A great set of updates up to now. Let’s keep moving forward!

Week 3: Install Your Connection Engine

Let’s talk about a critical upgrade you need: expanding your network.

Think about it this way – the most amazing software in the world is meaningless if there are no users. The same applies to you. Without a LinkedIn network, who are you going to set meetings with? And since we’re diving into the ‘Meeting Generator’ upgrade next week, you really need to kickstart your connection engine this week!

Did you know that LinkedIn has a limit on the number of new connection requests you can send per week? For this week’s upgrade, you need to max out those connection requests. That’s 100 per week.

Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Option 1: Do it manually. It’s not as daunting as it sounds. Trust me, you can send out 100 requests in less than an hour. All it takes is 10 minutes a day. Easy peasy!
  • Option 2: Use automation. There are some fantastic tools available but tread carefully. If you use a tool that doesn’t respect LinkedIn’s limits, you might end up with a restricted account. Dripify is a great option that has features to ensure you’re working within LinkedIn’s boundaries.

By setting aside just 10 minutes a day to connect with key people in schools and MATs, you’re setting yourself up for success. So, what will you get from this?

Welcome to v3.1: A captivating profile, a reputation as a problem solver, and a growing list of connections.

You’re on your way to becoming a networking superstar! How exciting is that?

Week 4: Plug In The Meeting Generator

Imagine it’s software update launch day – that exciting moment when everyone gets to experience those brilliant new features designed to solve all those bothersome issues they’ve been dealing with!
Well, for you, today is the day for the ‘Meeting Generator’. Sounds thrilling, right? It is! And guess what? There’s no actual software involved. It’s simpler and more cost-effective than any software out there.

Why? Because all you have to do is: ask for a meeting. Yes, you read that right.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

  • Remember v1? That made you appear approachable and friendly, not like someone who’s going to dive straight into a sales pitch.
  • Then came v2, arming you with the tools to discuss the problems you can solve.
  • And v3? That brought you a whole bunch of connections and an audience.

So here we are at v4, bringing everything together.

You’ve got a network full of connections who’ve seen your friendly profile and know about the problems you can help schools and MATs solve. So, when you send that straightforward direct message asking for a meeting, if they’re already facing a problem you can solve, what do you think they’ll do? They’ll say yes to that meeting!

And there you have it. Four simple, yet effective updates that helped you navigate past all those pesky ‘software bugs’ – the gatekeeper, the marketing team, the email system… You’ve sidestepped all those hurdles, installed your ‘software upgrades’, and secured a steady stream of meetings you need to hit your targets!

If you want to learn this in more detail, feel free to come along to our ‘Conversation Revolution’ Social Selling Course. You’ll learn all about these techniques in detail!

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