Unlocking the Power of Social Selling for EdTech CSMs

by | 4 Jun 23

Are you a Customer Success Manager struggling to get your customers to come along to review meetings? It can be tough to convince them that these meetings are beneficial for both the business and the customer. But there is a way – Social Selling.

Think of it like this: there’s no way you would walk up to someone who you’ve never met before, and say “Hi, shall we move in together?”. That’s just not how life works. Well, the same applies to social media. A good Social Selling method will enable you to build a relationship with your customer before you ask the big question. Usually for a meeting, not to move in together. But, you never know! Ha!

Let’s debunk this myth first: Social Selling techniques aren’t just for Salespeople! It’s an unfortunate name really, but a good method will be incredibly powerful for CSMs too.

These tactics will help you build relationships with your customers, meaning you can strike up common ground and therefore make it easier to get them to come along to those super-useful review meetings. Then, you get the opportunity to show them the value of your product and services. Ultimately making them successful! Everyone’s a winner!

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> Social Selling Benefits for CSMs
> 6 Tips to Master Social Selling
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Why Should CSMs Understand Social Selling Techniques?

Social Selling is typically a sales strategy that utilises social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to build relationships with customers and prospects. But CSMs shouldn’t make the assumption that these techniques only apply to sales activities. They don’t! They allow you – as a CSM – to get to know and understand your customer. You will develop trust and credibility as an expert in your field by engaging with customers on a personal level.

Social Selling is a strategy that utilises the real social side of social media to increase your personal brand, engage customers, and create real relationships. From a CSMs point of view, it enables you to establish yourself as a real person with a real life (outside of work), but also as a credible expert in your field. By mixing business and personal life on social media you will build trust with your customer base. Through leveraging the power of social media, you – as a CSM – will be able to identify new opportunities for helping customers realise the value of working with you! And therefore you’ll open opportunities to impact retention, drive value and grow revenue for the business.

Social Selling Benefits for CSMs

The benefits of Social Selling for CSMs are vast. The most important is the ability to develop real relationships with customers and prospects. When you have a solid relationship, it will be much easier to get your customer to come along to review meetings as they trust and value you as a person and as an expert in the field. Additionally, Social Selling can help you to identify new opportunities for increasing customer retention and driving value. By engaging with customers on social media, you can get a better understanding of them as a person, and their needs, challenges and goals as a customer. This knowledge will enable you to tailor your offering and help them achieve success – making them more likely to stick around.

Finally, Social Selling is also an opportunity to increase your reach. If you can demonstrate your expertise on social media, then there is a good chance that customers and prospects will be more likely to seek out your services. The more contacts and relationships you have, the better!

Social Selling Certification

The only ISP Endorsed Certified Social Selling Programme

Our DLA Ignite Social Selling and Influence course stands apart as the only training and coaching programme endorsed by the prestigious Institute of Sales Professionals.

Social Selling Certification

The only ISP Endorsed Certified Social Selling Programme with DLA Ignite.

6 Tips to Get on Your Way to Master Social Selling

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Set up an effective and engaging profile on social media platforms
  2. Clean up your notifications on LinkedIn
  3. Build your network by connecting with customers and prospects
  4. Engage regularly with customers to build relationships – tag people, like their posts and make sure you comment
  5. Share relevant content that adds value to conversations
  6. Measure success and track key metrics

If you need some help really understanding these, feel free to send me a direct message on LinkedIn. I’ll be more than happy to jump on a call and chat through the specifics of these.

Alternatively, check out our Coaching and Training programme that will help you become a Jedi Master (of Social Selling techniques)!

Resources and Training for Getting Started with Social Selling


Podcasts are a great way to learn the basics and get up-to-speed quickly. There are plenty of reputable shows out there offering advice that require little to no prior knowledge of Social Selling techniques. These are in most occasions free, so it is definitely worth doing some research and taking advantage of these training opportunities. The Social Selling For Newbies Podcast by Tom Burton, Brandon Lee and Carson V Heady is a great place to start.


Newsletters are also really useful. The Digital Transformation CEO LinkedIn Newsletter by Tim Hughes is a great resource.


There’s a number of Books available. But I’m going to give another shout to Tim Hughes here. His book is a great insight into the latest techniques that you should be applying.

Training and Coaching

Training and Coaching is the way to really master these techniques though. Our ‘Conversation Revolution‘ Social Selling training and coaching programme is the only ISP-endorsed certified Social Selling programme in the world! Yep. You read that right… in the world.

If you want more info feel free to send me a message on LinkedIn or head over to our Social Selling Training and Coaching page.

That’s a Wrap

I hope you found this article useful. Let me know if it was, or wasn’t – I’m always looking to improve this stuff!