The 5 Most Modern Sales Techniques That You Need To Be Using

by | 6 Dec 22

Modern Sales Techniques

Using tried and trusted modern sales techniques in today’s hyper-competitive business environment is more important than ever. You need to make sure that you’re using these techniques if you want to close deals and boost your bottom line. Here are 5 that we see working and the ones you need to be using:

  1. Personalised Messaging
  2. Chatbots
  3. Social Media Selling
  4. Account-Based Marketing
  5. Value-Based Pricing
  6. And a bonus tip at the end: Customer Journey Mapping 🙂

1) Personalised Messaging

Personalised messaging is all about using data to customise your sales pitch. It feels good to your prospect on a personal level, furthermore they’ll feel valued because you tailored the message for them. It opens up new opportunities from deepening relationships with new and existing customers.

You’ll increase your chances of becoming a part of your prospects thoughts earlier in the buyer journey. By taking the time to segment your market and create targeted messages, you’ll be able to close more deals and boost your conversion rate.

2) Chatbots

One of the major benefits of chatbots is that they can handle many chats. This is not possible with live chat for two reasons. First, working on any more than 3 chats at once is difficult, and second chatbots never get tired, they can work 24/7. This means that you can offer your prospects support at any time of day or night. Even if you don’t have staff available to do so.

Check out our more detailed article on The Benefits of Chatbots Over Live Chat for Small Businesses.

3) Social Media Selling

Social media selling is becoming a more commonplace and powerful tactic to increase sales. It involves using channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to draw attention to your products.

When it comes to this strategy, engaging consumers with creative content that ends with your company’s offer is essential. Equally important, posting great visuals and videos, as well as giving quick responses to comments will mean you’ll convert more customers.

Companies specialising in these techniques have the expertise needed to help you drive more sales.

4) Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a targeted approach to selling to specific customers, rather than trying to sell to as many people as possible. This technique is especially effective for complex sales where multiple decision-makers are involved.

It has a multitude of advantages that can help promote your business. With ABM, you are able to focus on building the right relationships with key accounts and build organic growth of your product or services.

One benefit is being able to target the financially successful prospects who possess long term potential for revenue gain for your brand. Another benefit is capturing more leads than regular campaigns by initiating conversations between decision makers and sales representatives.

Moreover, you also save costs by having a head-start rather than investing in aged leads from no-so reliable sources.

5) Value-Based Pricing

Value-based pricing is a pricing strategy in which you charge based on the perceived value of your product. Instead of on the cost of production or some other arbitrary metric. This pricing strategy helps businesses close more deals by communicating the true value of their offering to buyers.

Investopedia have a great explanation – with these handy ‘Key Takeaways’:

  • Companies base their pricing on how what the customer thinks it’s worth.
  • It’s perfect for unique and highly valuable products.
  • Hardware products aren’t great to to use with value pricing.
  • Value pricing is not the same as cost-plus pricing (e.g. costs of production, plus extra for profit).

Bonus Tip Modern Sales Technique: Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is the process of mapping out the steps that your target buyer takes. Starting from awareness all the way to the sale and even post-purchase follow up. By understanding the customer journey, you’ll be able to design a sales process that’s aligned with your buyer’s needs. It will help you maximise conversion rates.

These are a few of the many modern sales techniques that you need to be using if you want to close more deals. Put these strategies into your sales process and you’ll see results in no time!