Supercharge your Ai Chatbot with this excellent Conversational Marketing Framework

by | 24 Jan 23

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> Personalise for your prospects
> Skyrocket your funnel speed 🚀
> Engage website visitors
> Understand their needs
> Recommend (bring in the humans!)

Personalise your prospect’s experience

A quick story to set the scene.

Mia and Janey have what seems like two very different problems. Mia is a struggling artist, trying to make it big with her art but not having much success. On the other side of town, Janey is an executive at a large company who needed help managing her day-to-day tasks better.

After some Googling they both happened to stumble upon the same website – Software Solutions Incorporated (SSI). Mia thought this site could help her become more organised and successful in her artistic endeavours; while Janey thought it might be able to help her manage her work life better.

The site seemed promising. It offered exactly what each of them needed, but something about its messaging just wasn’t quite right. It didn’t speak directly to either of their individual needs or problems.

So after much contemplation over whether this was really the best solution, both decided not to use it and went on to search for another answer instead.

Little did they (and SSI) know, this is a huge missed opportunity because – as fate would have it – that piece of software would have solved both their problems.

What a tragedy indeed!

Too often marketers miss the opportunity for truly tailored experiences by using generic calls-to-actions like ‘join our email list’ or ‘schedule a call’.

Good conversational marketing tools enable you to individually engage each buyer based on who they are, where they came from, what page they’re currently on, and why they’re on your site.

These 4 W’s are key to successful implementations of conversational marketing platforms and Ai Chatbots. If you don’t consider and plan with these in mind, you won’t realise the massive benefits of using these amazing tools.

Skyrocket your buyers funnel speed

Conversational Marketing is a great way of powering-up your customer experience and boosting revenue. But please don’t feel like you must start from the ground up! We’ve got it all pinned down – just three steps to remember with our nifty Conversation Framework:

  1. Engage
  2. Understand
  3. Recommend

1. Engage

This step is all about asking and acknowledging. This means you won’t let potential customers miss out on a great experience. Set up your Chatbot to allow them to start conversations instantly.

Every conversation is an opportunity – keep it going so you don’t have any leads slipping through your funnel unnoticed.

When it comes to staying connected with customers, round-the-clock coverage can be a challenge- we all need sleep. Well, except Ai, that is! Intelligent workflows let you engage your prospects whenever they’re ready – day or night. Set up your Chatbot flows to send tailored messages to those who seem most likely to purchase from you. Don’t wait for them to talk first; take the initiative by proactively prompting them instead!

Now you’ve engaged them, you need to understand them.

2. Understand

This step is all about learning and responding, fast!

Jumping on the phone or emails to connect with customers in a timely manner is essential for getting potential buyers qualified quickly. But, like most of us, who has the time or resources to staff an entire sales org around the clock?

According to Lead Response Management’s study, being quick out of the gate could increase your chances of qualifying leads by 100 times (impressive!). Strive for a 5-minute response window and you’re setting yourself up nicely – any longer than that puts those odds at risk!

Conversational Marketing makes it so easy to connect with your potential buyers! Thanks to advanced technology, you can understand and qualify them in real-time – no more waiting for follow-up emails between both parties. And with Conversational Marketing, you’re always available whenever a buyer wants an interaction.

A good place to start will be to use the same questions already asked on form fields or initial calls. This help replicate natural conversations about their goals and challenges. You’ll be able to respond quickly while making sure that only qualified leads are connected through to the sales team at the right time. Ai also helps disqualify those who aren’t ready yet too – efficient customer engagement! Nice! 👌

3. Recommend (bring in the humans!)

OK, so now you’re ready to guide and suggest solutions! Top work! Bring in the humans!

Once you’ve developed a connection with your customer and clearly understood their needs, it’s time to make the sale!

Human-to-human communication is essential here – that’s why implementing smart routing in your Conversational Marketing Ai Chatbot tool is so helpful. It’ll ensure potential buyers get connected efficiently and easily to your sales team in no time, allowing them to set up meetings without stress or hassle.

This means reps are free from doing admin tasks – like booking slots themselves – so they can focus all their energy on walking qualified customers through every step needed for an effective close.