Outdated Sales Tactics: The Race to the Bottom?

by | 22 Jun 23

Are you feeling stuck in a cycle of price wars and cold calls? Are outdated sales tactics turning sales into a race to the bottom? It’s time to take a step back and look at how modern customers are changing the game. In this blog, we’ll explore the new realities of today’s sales field and uncover ways to move beyond antiquated methods. Get ready to level up your sales strategy!

Successful sales reps must think outside the box and stay ahead of the curve to compete. Customers are more informed than ever before, with access to vast amounts of data and social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn. This blog will explore the pitfalls of antiquated sales methods and why social selling is the future.

Outdated Sales Tactics: The Race to the Bottom?

It’s no secret that traditional sales tactics are becoming increasingly ineffective. Cold calling and email blasts have been around for years and, while they might have worked in the past, they’re not nearly as effective today. Customers are smarter than ever before and are well aware of these dated strategies. As a result, many salespeople find themselves in a race to the bottom: Not enough pipeline and where deals are on the table, competing solely on price and giving away too much to make a sale.

The New Reality of Sales

The new reality of sales is one where customers are more informed than ever before and can easily access information on products, pricing, reviews, etc. With the rise of social media, customers now have a wealth of data at their fingertips — meaning sales reps must become more savvy in their approach to selling.

In this new reality, relying on outdated methods is no longer the solution. To be successful in sales, reps must be able to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. That’s where social selling comes in. With the right strategy and tactics, salespeople can leverage modern channels to build robust and predictable pipeline and in turn, generate revenue.

Social Selling: The Future of Successful Sales Strategies

Social selling is the concept of leveraging social media platforms to find prospects, make connections, add value, nurture relationships, and close sales. In this new reality of sales, reps must be knowledgeable about their customers’ needs and want to effectively build relationships with them online.

Social selling is all about creating value for your prospects. It’s about providing useful insights and solutions that help your prospects solve their challenges, rather than just pushing products or services. By taking a more consultative approach to sales, reps can foster relationships with customers and ensure sustained revenue growth.

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Tips for Leveraging Social Selling Methods

  1. Research your prospects: Take the time to research and get to know your prospects by looking at their social profiles, interests, and activity.
  2. Connect with them online: Reach out to prospects through social media and connect via channels like LinkedIn or Twitter.
  3. Build relationships with content: Share relevant content that will add value for the prospect. Focus on providing insights and solutions, not just pushing your services or products.
  4. Follow up with a personal touch: Make sure to follow up after a connection has been made. Reach out periodically to check in and provide relevant updates, such as new features or offerings from your company.
  5. Measure and track results: Keep track of your results and measure the success of your social selling efforts. This will help you further refine and optimise your approach.


In conclusion, outdated sales tactics like cold calling and email blasts are no longer effective in today’s competitive market. To be successful in sales, reps must embrace modern methods such as social selling to build relationships with customers and create sustained revenue growth. With the right strategy and tactics in place, sales reps can leverage modern channels to stay ahead of the curve and generate more revenue.

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