In EdTech Personality is More Powerful Than Brand

by | 12 Jul 23

Let’s talk about brands on social media for a minute. It’s a common misconception that big brands tend to dominate the conversation.

Take Nike, for example – they have a whopping 8 and a half million followers on Twitter. That’s a huge following! But here’s the thing: if they want to sell tennis gear, they’re actually better off partnering with Serena Williams. After all, she has a massive following of 10 million people. And if they’re trying to sell basketball gear, it makes more sense to team up with LeBron James since he has a staggering 50 million followers. When it comes to football gear, Ronaldo is the person to work with as he boasts nearly 100 million followers.

But here’s the real kicker: people are actually more powerful than brands these days. In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo has 7 times as many Instagram followers as the top ten most valuable brands in the world combined (including Google, Apple, Meta and co). It just goes to show that personality is becoming increasingly important in the world of social media.

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What about EdTech?

So, if you’re wondering if the same applies to EdTech. Then the answer is yes. And here’s an example.

Take Arbor Education. They’re the fastest-growing MIS in the market, but what’s really interesting is their LinkedIn presence.

Currently, their business account has 9,329 followers. Not bad, but here’s the thing: Arbor has 217 employees on LinkedIn and the average number of connections on the platform is 1,300. If each employee were to be active on LinkedIn daily, their share of voice would be absolutely massive. With some quick maths, that’s 282,000 potential followers! Of course, we have to factor in things like employees being connected to each other and to some of the same people outside of the company.

Arbor LinkedIn 11 July 2023

Even if we cut that potential number in half or remove three quarters (leaving the number at 70,000), Arbor still has a huge opportunity to spread their message to a much larger audience than they currently have.

What’s best: their current 9,329 followers or a potential 70,000 followers? It’s a pretty easy thing to work out, right?

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How can EdTech businesses do it?

Well, I guess more specifically – to this blog at least – the question is how can Arbor do it?

Let’s dive into how Arbor Education can establish a stronger social media presence. Well, the answer to the question above lies in a digital transformation. This means mobilising the team with a robust social media strategy that helps them establish personal brands, grow their networks, and create and share relevant content – not just re-sharing company account posts.

I know it sounds like a lot of work. But, trust me: embedding these practices into day-to-day operations will help Sales, Customer Success, and Marketing teams make more connections and book more meetings than ever before.

One of the key questions we ask businesses we work with is: what do you want to be known for? It’s all about deciding which topics in your market you want to be associated with. Think of it like choosing the right keywords for search engine optimisation (SEO).

Here at Accelerate, for example, we wanted to establish a share of voice in EdTech, Customer Success, Social Selling, and Digital Selling. But, as you might expect, lots of other big organisations are also vying for a share of the Digital Selling space. That’s why it’s so important that we take this seriously. We’ve implemented our strategy and now we have the majority of the voice in that space (see below). If you want to stand out on social media and establish a strong brand voice, you can do this too.

Digital Selling - Top 10 - July 2023

Does this mean I’ll be famous? Will I be an influencer?

So, does following a good social media method mean you’ll become famous and influential? Well, mostly no.

Here’s the thing: a good social media strategy will give you a share of voice. That means you’ll have a presence and be able to start more conversations – which leads to opportunities and revenue. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll become an influencer.

Now, I did say “mostly no” – because if you happen to post a few pieces of content that go viral, you might just find yourself thrown into the world of social media influencers. But here’s the reality: you don’t need to get tons of likes or comments on your posts to be successful. What’s important is that people you don’t know are interacting with your content in a meaningful way. For me, this leads to daily conversations with new people – and many of those conversations turn into valuable customer relationships.

So, while becoming a famous influencer might not be in the cards for everyone, following a solid social media strategy can still lead to plenty of happy times and business success!

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Our DLA Ignite Social Selling and Influence course stands apart as the only training and coaching programme endorsed by the prestigious Institute of Sales Professionals.